Kalla Youth Fest is a festival of youth celebrating the synthesis of Art, Technology, and Entrepreneurship.

Created as a direct contribution from Kalla Group to push the development of youth creativity in Makassar to the next level. Inherently believing that collaboration will develop better generations.

Kalla Youth Fest will take place at Nipah Mall, a new public commercial space developed by Kalla Group. Kalla Youth Fest and Nipah Mall, are pursuing the same mission: to actively support the creative economy ecosystem in Makassar.

Kalla Youth Fest will be there for you to enjoy on October, 20th and 21st 2017. For the whole two days, you could explore and interact with an ocean of hidden creativity in Makassar.

Get ready to be inspired.

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Indra Avisenna

M. Ifan Adhitya

Yandy Laurens